American Movie Classics or AMC made several movies from the series available for viewing during Octobers.

2007[edit | edit source]

The first two films were aired. from 87 and 88

2020[edit | edit source]

The first two films were not available on demand, but the NEXT six were

  1. Bloodline (4th from 96)
  2. Deader (7th from June 05)
  3. Hellseeker (6th from 02)
  4. Hellworld (8th from Sept 05)
  5. Hell on Earth (3rd from 92)
  6. Inferno (5th from 00)


This is unfortunate for people who have not seen the first two from the 80s.

Instead there is only the 90s (HOE and BL) early 00s (Ferno and Seeker) and late 00s (World and Deader)

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