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"Pure dominion transcends morality."
— Abigor's private thoughts on Continental Domination

Abigor is a seductive, female dominatrix-styled Cenobite with unwavering devotion to Leviathan. She is well known for being the sister of the Female Cenobite. Her form of torment intertwines agony with erotic pleasure.


No one knows how long ago she became a child of the Dark God, but it is whispered that when Leviathan first saw her, it tasted desire. Some believe she was Queen Cleopatra, that once sat upon a throne of purple and gold sucking the juice from black grapes as Mark Anthony, on his knees, washed her feet. Others swear that she was the golden-haired Helen of Troy, whose face launched a thousand ships and started the Trojan War. Whoever she was in life though, it matters little to who she is now.

Powers & Abilities[]

Like all Cenobites, Abigor possesses great strength, heightened resistance to damage, proficiency in dark arts, and is virtually immortal. She is highly proficient in seducing men into following her commands until they are nothing more than slaves to her will. Although seductive, she is quite rigid in her conduct and places her loyalty to Leviathan above all else. Her nails are sharp enough to flay skin, and her tool of preference is a cat o' nine tails with hooks on its ends.


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