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"You stood in Hell's way!"
— Angelique to Jacques

Angelique was originally a princess of the Labyrinth before becoming a cenobite. Summoned to the mortal realm, she possessed a young woman's corpse following a sacrificial summoning ceremony. For the next few centuries, she would fight to destroy the bloodline of Phillipe Le' Merchant (Philip LeMarchand), whose descendant had found a way to destroy the powers he's unleashed with the Lament Configuration by sealing the mortal realm off from Hell by enacting his plans for the Elysium Configuration. During this time Angelique eventually summoned Pinhead for help, but quickly realized (by his grotesque physical appearance) that Hell wasn't as she one remembered it. Pinhead then forced Angelique to become a Cenobite, who would continue working alongside the Hell Priest. Ultimately, the Cenobites would fail to stop Le' Merchant's descendant, far in the future, from carrying out his ancestor's plans and successfully created the Elysium Configuration, which he used to destroy the Cenobites and close the gates of Hell once and for all.

So far, Angelique is the only known demon to be turned into a cenobite.


When Philippe Le' Merchant completed the Lament Configuration, he delivered it to the occultist and magician Duc De L'Isle, a wealthy French man, who had commissioned the puzzle box's construction. Sometime during the 18th Century, he used the Lament Configuration to summon Angelique, a demon princess of Hell, having been the daughter of Leviathan. Duc De L'Isle killed a young woman and performed a ritual connecting the gateway between Earth and Hell using the Puzzle Box. The final step brought forth a demon servant with a requirement that a vessel this servant would use have minimally damaged skin from the sacrificed victim.

Owing to the fact that he assisted in the ritual, Jacques (De L'lsles' assistant and servant) could also control Angelique. Together they decided to kill De L'lsle, after which Jacques commands Angelique to kill Philippe Le' Marchant (who returned to the mansion in order to retrieve the puzzle box).

Angelique, in her human form, holding a puzzle box.

Two hundred years later, Angelique (who has kept Jacques alive) killed him for refusing permission to investigate the Le' Merchant heir in New York. When she arrived in New York, Angelique discovered that John Merchant (Le' Merchant's heir) had unintentionally created an artifact similar to the Lament Configuration, which was potentially the largest gateway to Hell. She proceeded to sacrifice a victim by having him solve the puzzle box, which she hoped would summon reinforcements from Hell. Instead, Pinhead emerged from the gateway and stated that things had changed since her absence from Hell.

Angelique and Pinhead tried to force John Merchant to use the building as a permanent gateway to Hell. Along the way, they turned a pair of twin security guards into the Siamese Cenobites, and later used the Chatterer Beast to hold John's wife and son hostage. In an act of defiance, John attempted to trap them, but was decapitated by one of Pinhead's chains. Meanwhile, John's wife managed to send all five Cenobites back to Hell.

Pinhead then forcibly turned Angelique into a Cenobite as punishment for her failure to manipulate John.

In 2127, the Cenobites were summoned to the space station Minos by Paul Merchant (Le' Merchant's descendent in the future). The Cenobites managed to kill off all the officers except Rimmer. Rimmer (along with Paul) managed to destroy both the Cenobites and permanently seal the gateway to Hell by using the Elysium Configuration, which turned out to be the entire space station.


Prior to becoming a Cenobite, Angelique's appearance was that of an attractive young woman. Her demonic form was never shown in the film. Viewers can only see her arm when she kills Jacques, and her eyes going from normal to dark. When she is transformed into a Cenobite, Angelique retains her human body. However, she is now bald and has her scalp peeled back, which is secured by wires and hooks that expose her skull. She also has hooks on the sides of her body (chest and stomach), and wears a tight leather dress rather than the standard Cenobite robes.

Angelique's cenobites[]

This bunch of pseudo cenobites, are deleted characters existing only in the original script for Hellraiser: Bloodline.


Eight gamblers come over to play a little card game hosted by De L'isle. They unknowingly sign away their freedom to Angelique, who makes a deal that when ever a change is made to the Lament configuration she will remove one piece of clothing until the puzzle is solved. Once the box was solved they summoned Angelique's demonic powers. She brought down a twisted version of the over-hanging chandelier and transformed their images.

As Cenobites[]

Four pets and Four clowns host a perfect circus act to draw in Lemarchand's best friend, Auguste in which lead to his demise. These crafty, sly cenobites forged a drum from his skin, stopping him from further helping Lemarchand from defeating them. Unfortunately for them, they were too late as the Elysium Configuration had been designed with the Help of Auguste's ideas. When De L'isle finds Angelique has gone too far with her plans he turns on her uttering a Latin phrase which turned the clowns and pets slowly into worms, then slime and finally dust in which they get scattered in the wind. This makes their reign as Angelique's servants extremely short. As these scenes were deleted, none of this actually occurred in the movie.

  • Delveux: a greedy, fat, old, ruddy and lubidious person.
  • L'estcargot: a thin pinched and cold person, yet efficient and amoral. An accountant at Auchwitz.
  • De Conduite: an effeminate man, knowing much about women and their likes and dislikes.
  • Corbusier: a natural leader. He has cruel eyes and a sardonic smile.
  • L'hiver, Printemps, L'ete, and L'automme: four young army officers making their way around the world with the help of the other gamblers.


  • Hellraiser: Bloodline


  • In the alternative script, De 'L'lsle invites eight gamblers to his home to play a game with Angelique. The game involves solving the puzzle box, which ends with Angelique transforming them into Pseudo Cenobites. They are loyal to Angelique, and kill one of Le' Merchant's ancestors (Auguste). They then turn his skin into a drum for their "clown act".
  • In French, Angelique means "angelic", which is ironic as she was a demon.
  • It is possible that when Angelique summons Pinhead in the film she was trying to recieve her cenobites with Pinhead exclaiming that much has changed in Hell since her leave of absence.