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Browning was a character in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. He was a mental patient who thought that creepy-crawles were on his flesh.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II[]

Oliver Smith played the mental patient called Browning, who was probably sent to the Channard Institute after slicing up his chest and being crazy. While at the institute, he was in a holding-cell, crying Get them off me!

Channard released Browning from his cell and took him to his house. He layed him on the very mattress that Julia died on. Channard handed Browning a straight razor and he delightedly accepted it. Browning started slashing and cutting at his chest. He did this for a good thirteen-minutes or so while Channard just stood and watch. Just then, the skinless-Julia arrosed from the mattress, grabbing ahold of Browning in a seductive kind of way. She started chasing after the fleeing-Browning, again while Channard stood and watch. Skinless-Julia started draining the life out of Browning. The act, caused the dieing-Browning to puke until he finally died.