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Portrayed by

Simon Bamford

Pat Miller (human form)

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The Scarlet Gospels



Butterball is an obese cenobite and appears as a follower of Pinhead.

He originally appeared in The Hellbound Heart written by Hellraiser director Clive Barker. He also makes a cameo appearance in the sequel novel The Scarlet Gospels.

Early Life[]

Laslo was an obese and perverted man who found pleasure in sin. He was dragged into hell when he found and solved the puzzle box.


Butterball made his debut in Hellraiser. He first appeared when Frank Cotton solved the puzzle box and called Butterball and the others.

Later on, Kirsty Cotton summoned him and the other cenobites. They agreed to allow Kirsty to escape them in order to turn in Frank Cotton who previously escaped from them. He and the others were sent back to hell by Kirsty when they tried to double-cross her.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II[]

Butterball returned in this sequel when Kirsty and Tiffany enter hell through the Puzzle box, he was later killed by Dr. Channard. At the end of the movie, he was trapped in the Pillar of souls along with his fellow cenobites.

Human ButterBall

Hellraser III: Hell On Earth[]

Butterball could be seen in the Pillar Of Souls.

Hellraiser (Remake)[]

Butterball (rumored to be named Gil) will apparently return in the remake of Hellraiser. If so, his role will most likely be the same.

In the Books[]

Butterball is the leader of the Cenobites in the novel, The Hellbound Heart, not Pinhead. He is also capable of speech and essentially takes Pinheads place with making the deal with Kirsty and killing Frank at the end of the novel. Like the other Cenobites he is described as "sexless things" and serves The Engineer. He is the last Cenobite defeated in the novel.

He makes a small cameo in the follow-up novel The Scarlet Gospels. He is encountered by The Hell Priest when he is killing off the members of the order. The two are revealed to have an antagonistic relationship and Butterball uses his dying moments to try and kill The Hell Priest (Pinhead) in a suicidal attack that ultimately fails.