Camerahead (formerly known as Doc Fisher) is a character from Hellraiser: Hell on Earth

Biography[edit | edit source]

Past Life and Character History[edit | edit source]

Doc Fisher was a cameraman and good friend of Joey Summerskill, often trying to cheer her up and offering to help in anyway he can. Unfortunately, due to Pinhead's trickery, Joey mistakenly sends Doc to meet her at the Boiler Room and he is killed. Joey finds his body in one of the rooms, decapitated with a camera place in his neck.

After Joey escapes the Boiler Room and narrowly avoids several dangers that start happening in the street. She stops by a TV store and sees that she is being recorded on the TV screens. The recording turns out to be Doc, now transformed into the Cenobite, Camerahead. Now a Cenobite, Doc is more antagonistic towards Joey and uses his camera lens eye to blow up the TVs, but Joey ducks out of the way. She bumps into a passerby, who Camerahead picks up and busts through his skull with the camera lens. Camerahead appears again with CD and Barbie is they rampage on the city, getting shot by police to no effect.

Camerahead appears for the final time in the construction yard coming towards Joey, but she manages to solve the Lament Configuration, which blasts Camerahead and takes him into the box. It is unknown if he is sent to Hell

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

As his name implies. Camerahead has a camera in his head, the lens coming out the right eye. His head is malformed, most likely due to the camera placed in. He has a few stitches in his head as well. His body has various cuts going vertically.

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