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Carducci was a character from Hellraiser: Bloodline. He was a Government-hired security-commando sent to MINOS space station to apprehend Dr. Paul Merchant.

Hellraiser: Bloodline[]

Pat Skipper played Carducci, the muscle and second-in-command of the group of security-commandos who was sent in to investigate the MINOS that was located in deep space. He was seaching Merchant's cabin when he stumbled upon the remains of Parker, another security-commando. So, Carducci dispatched Chamberlain to procced with caution. He then searched Merchant's work-area, when he spotted a beautiful girl crying for help. He approached the girl, Angelique, who was trapped behind a glass wall. Carducci tried to free her when, she transformed into her cenobitized self and grabed ahold of his arm. She sent Carducci about half way through the glass wall. Then she let go of Carducci's hand and his head sliced off as the glass wall closed, trapping his head at the otherside of the wall and his body outside. The cenobitized-Angelique laughed histerically.