Chatterer is the fourth cenobite of the Lament Configuration and last follower of the original Pinhead quadron.

He appears in the first Hellraiser film as well as the sequel Hellbound.

Chatterer was introduced through the original Heart novel distributed by Clive Barker before the jump to the big screen.


Chatterer appeared in the first installment alongside Butterball, Pinhead and the Female Cenobite as the primary antagonists threatening the Cotton Family.

He first appeared at the beginning of Frank Cotton's demise and then recurred as Kirsty solved the configuration bringing him to her in the hosptial where he alongside the three others attempted to bring Kirsty Cotton to hell. He also aided in the pursuit and attempted murders of Kirsty Cotton as a malevolent creature which scaled the home hallway.

Hellraiser II: HellboundEdit

Chatterer is reprised in Hellbound: Hellraiser II in which Kirsty Cotton and an unfortunate girl are brought to hell to contend with an even more deadly enemy.

Chatterer was killed in the second installment via Dr. Channard who reversed them all back to human form and then pinned them to the Pillar of Souls.

His form as a human shows him as a young boy.

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