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Dr. Paul Merchant
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Dr. Paul Merchant is a character from Hellraiser: Bloodline. He is a descendant of both Philip L'Merchant and John Merchant.

Hellraiser: Bloodline[]

Bruce Ramsay plays Dr. Paul Merchant, a man who has built the space station MINOS which stands as the setting for a majority of Hellraiser: Bloodline. Dr. Merchant is the descendant of Philip Lemarchand, who created the Lament Configuration. Dr. Merchant carries on his ancestors goal  to destroy Pinhead and his cenobites by building a complex box trap called the Elysium Configuration, thus correcting the ancient sin. His mission was cut-short when a unit of security-commandos headed by Edwards and Rimmer interviened.  Rimmer interrogated Dr. Merchant who tells him the story of his bloodline.  Dr. Merchant is locked up, and not until most of the security group is killed is he freed. Ultimately Dr. Merchant succeeds in his goal and traps the Cenobites in the Elysium Configuration, blowing it up and destroying them. 


"Time is of the essence." - Hellraiser: Bloodline

"There has been a technical problem...all of you have got to get the fuck off this station, right now." - Hellraiser: Bloodline