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Detective Joseph Thorne (Craig Scheffer), was a police official before opening the Lament Configuration. He is the main protagonist villain of Hellraiser: Inferno.


Despite his shady and corrupt nature, there are no obvious signs of a difficult up-bringing. Joseph was doted on by his mother. However, this did not seem to stop him developing a cruel and sadistic side. He seemed to take undue pride in the fact that he and other boys "gave Jay Cho hell" when he tried-out for the college basketball team.

Joseph was married and had a young daughter, whom he clearly adored. However, Joseph was corrupt both in his private life and in his duty as a police officer. He slept around, took drugs, disregarded his parents and had little problem framing other officers for his own crimes.

Encounter With Pinhead[]

After investigating the brutal murder of Jay Cho, Thorne finds the Lament Configuration underneath a candlestick. He also finds the charred remains of a child's finger, and believes that the child is still alive. Whilst enjoying a night with a sex worker, Thorne opens the box and immediately begins dreaming about Pinhead and his cenobites.

Thorne's dark side is exposed when he attempts to frame his partner, Tony Nenonen, in the murder of the sex worker when she is found dead the next morning. Through a series of events, Thorne's wicked ways are exposed to himself, and an increasingly desperate Thorne attempts to find the child whilst everyone he cares about is killed by a mysterious entity.

At the movie's climax, Pinhead reveals that Thorne himself was the murderer, and the child was a representation of his own flesh and spirit. Thorne is then placed in a Groundhog Day-style Hell, where he is forced to live out the same horrible day over and over for eternity.