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Kyle MacRae was a character in Hellbound: Hellraiser II. He was Doctor Channard's assistant at the Channard Institute (an insane asylum), who had a thing for Kirsty.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II[edit | edit source]

William Hope played Kyle MacRae in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, who was a student at the Channard Institute. He and Channard intrieged by Kirsty's story on what happened to her and her family. Kyle went to Channard's house and stumbled uppon multiple Lament Configuration puzzle boxes. He was amazed by this, when Channard came in with a mental patient called Browing. Kyle hid, while Channard watched Browning slashing himself with a straight razor on the very mattress from Kirsty's story. This caused the skinless-Julia to arrise and drain the life out of Browning. Kyle fled back to the institute. He told Kirsty what he saw and Kirsty decided to go to search for her father. Kyle insists in going with her and the two arrive at Channard's house. Kyle tells Kirsty to stay put while he searches the house. He bumps into Julia while he enters a room. She goes in with him and he discovers dead corpses everywhere. Julia makes Kyle feel better by seducing him into kissing her. He does so and Julia drains the life out of Kyle inorder to make her body complete. Kirsty enters the room and is deeply sadened by the dead Kyle, who lies lifeless on the floor infront of her.

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