Larry Cotton



Portrayed by

Andrew Robinson



Family Members

Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Wife (deceased)
Frank Cotton (Brother, deceased)
Julia Cotton (Wife, deceased)
Kirsty Cotton (daughter)
Trevor Gooden (son-in-law, deceased)

Larry Cotton was originally married to another woman (Kirsty's mother), who had died. Years later, he re-married to Julia. He was most caring about his daughter Kirsty. He had a tough life and all he was trying to do is keep his family together. He knew that Kirsty disliked Julia, and even though he was understanding of why, he still encouraged her to give her a chance.

On the eve of his wedding to Julia, Frank arrived for the wedding. Frank, a selfish and arrogant man, seduced Julia almost immediately and the two had sex in Larry's bedroom. Larry hates watching himself bleed and when he cut his hand by a nail on the wall by trying to push a mattress up the stairs, he thought he was going to faint or throw up. His wife proceeds to cheat on him with his brother Frank, and is then killed and has his skin taken by Frank.

In Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Frank Cotton appears to Kirsty, claiming to be her father and in Hell, which sets forth the chain of events in the movie. She finds Frank and defeats him, but never finds her father. It's never mentioned in the movie, but the best explanation for why she never found him was simple: Larry Cotton was a good and loving man who, after dying, would have gone to Heaven.

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  • In Clive Barker's novel, The Hellbound Heart, Larry's name was originally Rory, and he was Kirsty's friend, who she was in love with, rather than her father. Why this was changed in the film is unknown.

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