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Lead Cenobite
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First Appearance

The Hellbound Heart

Latest Appearance

The Hellbound Heart

Character History[]

A Cenobite appearing only in The Hellbound Heart. This Cenobite was the leader of the others in the novella. They did not appear in any of the films, their place as leader taken by Pinhead.


"Frank had difficulty guessing the speaker's gender with any certainty. Its clothes, some of which were sewn to and through its skin, hid its private parts, and there was nothing in the dregs of its voice, or in its willfully disfigured features that offered the least clue. When it spoke, the hooks that transfixed the flaps of its eyes and were wed, by an intricate system of chains passed through flesh and bone alike, to similar hooks through the lower lip, were teased by the motion, exposing the glistening meat beneath."